Inside Zhan Zhuang

The first Insides on Zhan Zhuang from Mark S. Cohen can be found here:

Reference: Inside Zhan Zhuang: First Edition by Mark Cohen (This book was published in 2013)

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  1. Randy M. says:

    I am interested in finding out more about Marc S. Cohen. If you can email me with his contact info, I would appreciate it. I have subscribed to this site’s RSS feed because of my longstanding interest and practice of neigong and qigong. Keep up the good work!

  2. dr.k.conor says:

    The explanation is facinating, but would sent Wang Xiang-zhai running. The ‘standing post’, is under Wang’s teaching, without any concepts of traditional Chinese medicine TCM. . The vocabulary and explanation only cement an impasse. The feeling, and insight, and tan tien are counter productive to doing and understanding. A child learning water painting would have a more direct approach and understanding. Placing a word with a thought is not a productive method. The demonstration itself, it is only suggestive misinformation.


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