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  • Wang Xuanjie’s Teachings

    Wang Xuanjie’s Dachengquan Duanshou by Wang Xuanjie Wang Xuanjie teaches in his siheyuan Dachengquan (Wang Xuejie) Wang Xuanjie was a student of Yiquan Granmaster Wang Xiangzhai. Books: Dachengquan by Wang Xuanjie Hai Feng Publishing Co. May 1988 ISBN: 9622381111 Links: Wang Xuanjie’s videos

  • Yiquan Sanshou with Li Quanyou

    Yiquan Sanshou with Li Quanyou

  • The Bridge Power Training Deeper Strength

    The Bridge If you look carefully at the point where the pillars of a bridge bear the structure’s enormous weight, you will often find a small cylinder. This astonishing feature is known as a “bridge bearing.” The purpose of the bearing is to take the weight while giving the entire structure maximum flexibility. Bridge bearings…

  • Brief Bibliography of Master Yip Hei Sing

    I was born in Longtouye House, Chaolang Village, Chashan Town, Dongquan County, Guangdong Province, China in 1930, on 17th June of the Lunar calendar. I had a craving for martial arts since I was young. Though I had learned Chinese martial art of Northern and Southern style, martial art was something beyond touch to me…

  • Grandmaster Wang Xiang-Zhai (1885-1963)

    “All sorts of strengths originate in the void and nothingness, which can only be felt gradually by the tiny edges and corners of the body”. We must, first and foremost, avoid the use of clumsy force, in body and in mind. Using this force makes the qi stagnant.  When the qi is stagnant, the yi stops;…

  • Yiquan

    This introduction to Yi-Chuan was written by Wang Yu-Fong, daughter of the founder, Wang Xiang-Zhai Frequently in this modem era, filled as it is with technologies like computers and space-age travel, we make the mistake of perceiving martial arts in simple “what you see is what you get” terms. In other words, the practice and…

  • Yiquan Academy

    Staring Master Yao Chengrong, the son of the late Master Yao Zongxun (the succesor of the founder of the Yiquan 意拳 style Wang Xiangzhai). Links: Yiquan Academy Yiquan Martial Arst Academy Yiquan

  • Yao Chengguang progress in Yiquan

    Yiquan master Yao Chengguang in Moscow

  • Yiquan Rumen

    Author: Master Yao ChengRong Translator: J. P. Lau Translator’s Note: In English, “Yi” means mind or intent, “Quan” means fist or martial art, “Ru” means enter or cross and “Men” means door or threshold. The literal meaning of the phrase “Yiquan Rumen” is “the learning of the rudiments of Yiquan”. A lot of Yiquan enthusiasts…

  • The Use of Sound and Breath Control in Yiquan

    by Master Yao ChengRong Translator: J. P. Lau In Yiquan, the “use of sound” and breath control are employed together in a practice known as Shi Sheng. This practice functions primarily as a mechanism to augment one’s ability to marshal the entire body into action during a release of power. Sound vibration/enunciation coordinated with the…

  • Yiquan Not-So-Straight Straight Punch

    Author: Master Yao ChengRong Translator: J. P. Lau Translator’s Note: This article has been edited for English readers. You must learn to effectively deliver the straight punch from your ready stance, from any hand position. There should be no wasted motion and no give-away movement preceding the punch. Upon completing the punch you must immediately…

  • Power discharge in yiquan

    By Yao Cheng-rong Translated by Tu-Ky Lam An overview of power discharge People who practice martial arts must have heard of the term “jing” which means strength, or power. When we hit an opponent or throw him away with force, we discharge our power, which is called “Fa li” in Chinese. If we want to…

  • Finer points of yiquan push-hands

    By Yao Cheng-rong Translated by Tu-Ky Lam Push-hands, which is a combined application of zhan-zhuang (standing practice), shi-li (testing of energy) zou-bu (stepping) and fa-li (power discharge), is an important part of Yiquan training, aiming to improve the martial arts skill of practitioners and students. Push-hands supplements free sparring very well as it can help…

  • Yiquan Conference Beijing 2007

  • Wang Yu Fang Shi Li

    Links: Yiquan by Wang Yu Fang Yiquan