Sitting Still Doing Nothing

Let the Void be your cauldron; let Nature be your furnace; for your primary ingredient, take stillness; for your reagent; use quietude; for mercury, take your vital essence; for lead, use your vital energy; for water, use restraint; for fire, take meditation. [Union of the Triple Equation] Triple Equation of essence, energy and spirit unites Read More

The Golden Flower

By Master Lu Tzu 1. Heavenly Consciousness of the Heart Master Lu Tzu said: That which exists through itself is called Meaning. (Tao). Meaning has neither name nor force. It is the one essence, the one primordial spirit. Essence and life cannot be seen. It is contained in the Light of Heaven. The light of Read More

The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic

A Translation of The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic by Stuart Alve Olson The Supreme Medicine has three distinctions: Ching [Essence], Qi [Vitality], and Shen [Spirit], Which are elusive and obscure. Keep to non-being, yet hold on to being And perfection is yours in an instant. When distant winds blend together, In one hundred days Read More

A Life of Infinity

A world of vastness and emptiness: the deep mountain. There lives a life of infinity. You live with no company. You have no worldly communication. You enjoy the set of movements. This is your cultivation. This is your achievement. This is your merit. The movement makes your form unite with your shadow and your mind Read More

The traditional Japanese method of knowledge transmission

Author: Yukio Takamura, edited by Nanette Okura (by courtesy of “Shu-ha-ri” literally means embracing the kata, diverging from the kata and discarding the kata. The pursuit of training in a classical Japanese endeavor almost always follows this educational process. This unique approach to learning has existed for centuries in Japan and has been instrumental Read More

I have arrived

I have arrived I am home in the here in the now I am solid I am free in the ultimate I dwell Reference: The Long Road Turns to Joy – A Guide To Walking Meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh ISBN: 093807783X Page 1

If you want to take you must first give

將欲歙之,必固張之。 將欲弱之,必固強之。 將欲廢之,必固興之。 將欲取之,必固與之。 是謂微明。 柔弱勝剛強。 魚不可脫於淵, 國之利器 不可以示人。 That which shrinks Must first expand. That which fails Must first be strong. That which is cast down Must first be raised. Before receiving There must be giving. This is called perception of the nature of things. Soft and weak overcome hard and strong. Fish cannot Read More

Yang’s Ten Important Points

by Yang Cheng-fu (1883 – 1936) as researched by Lee N. Scheele 1.) Head upright to let the shen [spirit of vitality] rise to the top of the head. Don’t use li [external strength], or the neck will be stiff and the ch’i [vital life energy] and blood cannot flow through. It is necessary to Read More

Building a Connection

by Wee Kee-Jin Taijiquan is not simply relaxing, sinking and being grounded. It is about developing; the right structure; the right sequence of movements to connect the structure; the right timing of the movements; and the mind awareness (Yi) to travel through the movements. A structure without the sequence of movements is like an electrical Read More

The Importance of Sequence and Timing to Achieve Synchronization

by Wee Kee-Jin The Taiji Form regardless of what style, was created as a means to train moving in a synchronized and harmonious Taiji way. During Pushing-hands we extend the practise of synchronized movement to include when being effected by an external force. When we can synchronize all the physical (external) and mental (internal) movements Read More

Master Huang Sheng Hsien

One day in Taiwan the famous White Crane Kung Fu champion and teacher, Huang Sheng Hsien, went to meet Professor Cheng Man Ching. T.T. Liang who was present during their meeting, engaged Huang in a Pushing-Hands and knocked him down almost immediately. Huang was both stunned and amazed. Liang said he was like a small Read More

Questions and answers with Master Huang

Are there different schools or sects of Tai Ji? Tai Ji embodies a comprehensive set of knowledge, developed and handed down by our learned predecessor with mystifying principles and profound philosophical learnings. The Tai Ji movements are scientific as the principles are based on scientific fundamentals. Our predecessors developed the art for improving human health, Read More

The Harmony of Yin and Yang

As the Yang energy arises in another it is embraced with your Yin energy and becomes one harmonious energetic interaction. Dualistic thought is lost as one flowing energetic movement is embraced so that it is only one movement and not two. When this is demonstrated it appears as one seamless, graceful flowing movement without any Read More