The concordance in the exercise of the Health Qi Gong Yi Jin Jing

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The Health Qi Gong Yi Jin Jing is able to regulate the balance of five Zang and promote the potentiality to strengthen the body and prolong the lifespan through the motion of limbs and visceral organs guided by the turning and extending of the backbone. The basic characteristics is gentle, slow, smooth and consistent, rhythmic combination of relaxation and strength and of dynamism and inertia. So the practice of the concordance of movements is basic requirements and important point to correctly grasp the technical routines and improve the practicing ability of the Health Qi Gong Yi Jin Jing.

Main factors affecting the concordance of the movements

The requirement for the act concordance is very strict as they are complicated and exquisite, for example, varieties of motions are needed to stimulate the body due to the complicated joint structure of backbone and motor directions. Therefore, only concordant guiding movements can regulate the essence, Qi and mind of the body. It is called that let the figure direct the Qi, let the mind and Qi run together, combine the body with mind, the upper part with the lower part etc. Improvement of the concordant ability is the basic work and physical quality for the exercise of the Health Qi Gong Yi Jin Jing. Many factors can affect the concordance of the movements such as the inheritance, age, locomotive trait, psychological features, etc. According to the characteristics and requirements of the movements of the Health Qi Gong Yi Jin Jing , the factors affecting the concordance can be generalized as the following two aspects:

Firstly, it is the extent of understanding and grasping the routines. The important factors affecting the movement concordance include the extent of understanding the connotation of the Gong and grasping the running line, technological specification and the practicing methods. The routines of the Health Qi Gong Yi Jin Jing are comparatively complicated and hard to exercise for the practicer. For example, just like in the routine of three plates falling on the floor, it is required for the practicer to squat down looking straight ahead and down, pronouncing the sound of Hai without uttering with palms pressing down to lower the vital qi to decrease the inner pressure of the abdomen and be able to effectively prevent the increase of the blood pressure. Hands raise up and guide the Qi ascending just like leading by Baihui acupoint while standing up to make the movements of the practicer with the internal Qi and blood circulation into unity. Therefore, the correct understanding of the Gong and proficient grasping the routines are important premise to ensure the concordance of the movements.

Secondly, it is the transformation of the relaxation and toughness of the movements and combination each other. Regardless of the step-by-step or consecutive routines, they are accomplished by means of contracting one part of muscles and relaxing the other part. In the consecutive movements, the transformation of relaxation and contraction of muscles is key to the completion of the movements. Any movement contains the coordination of nerve, muscles and kinetics in the aspect of movement training. Nerve coordination embodies the combination of the excitement and inhibition of nerve process in the course of the movement completion. Muscle coordination means the reasonable exertion of muscles and the strength of which is up to the muscular and myofibrillar amount partaking in the movement. Kinetic coordination means the spatial and temporal combination of all parts of the body to adjust the functional condition of which is up to the message provided by the proprioceptive sense. So the transformation and combination is the key skill for improving the concordance. For example, in the routine of bowing down in salutation, it is required that the joint of the backbone is pulled up knob-by-knob and curved like a crook. Over relaxation or toughness is unreasonable for the correct pulling-up. Only appropriate tenacity and combination can accomplish the movement and get the corresponding effect.

Main ways of improving the concordance of the actions

In order to make the actions concordant, unreasonable tension of the muscles should be avoided in the exercise of the Health Qi Gong. The practicer should try his best to increase the stability of the actions and find the feeling of keeping a sound mind and the integrity of muscles. Main ways for the exercise are as follows.

Repeated practice

Ways: Repeatedly do the single routine for ten times and four routines or do the whole set of Gong for four times in each exercise.

Effect: To form deeper impression of the routine in your head to rid of unnecessary actions and overcome unnecessary tension of the muscles.

Key points: Pay attention to the procedure of the routine and the transformation of the relaxation and tightness in the exercise.

The exercise of standing Zhuang

The health qi gong yi jin ying consists of twelve routines of which can be separately used as one routine of Zhuang for practicing for five, ten or thirty minutes in each time according to the condition of oneself.

Effect: The exercising time is relatively prolonged as it is static action. So the practicer can get clearer feeling of the relaxation, tightness, extension and tension of muscles, which is helpful for the memory and repetition of the routine next time. In addition, it can improve the ability of the integrity of three regulations and the stability of the routine.

Key points: Calm the mind and relax the body with appropriate relaxation and tightness, regular and gentle breath, moderate amplitude of the actions.

The exercise of hoisting and open and close

Methods: Stand up just like the ready position and regulate the breath with calm mind and then lift the left foot and stand with feet apart in the line with the shoulders, slightly bend down the knees and squat down in a high horse stance with palms facing each other and holding like a ball in front of the abdomen, look straight ahead and downward with calm mind on the Dantian. Slowly stretch the legs as lead by Baihui acupoint and laterally raise the arms in the direction of paralleling with the floor, slightly bend the elbow with palms obliquely forward and hold the hands like a ball leveling with the shoulder. Bend the knees and hold hands like a ball in front of the abdomen and then do the same set of actions repeatedly for some time according to one’s own condition. The closing action is the same as in the health qi gong yi jin jing.

Effect: The form of the motion of Qi is ascending, descending, coming-in and going-out inside the body. The repeated exercise of this action can improve the ability of coordination of the essence, Qi and spirit with the figure and actions.

Key points: Slow and steady action and coincidence of the upper and lower, the interior and exterior, natural combination of breath with the action.

Free exercise

Methods: Take the same set of routine as the health Qi Gong Yi Jin Jing. The practicer can freely choose the connecting actions and some routines in each time or do one same routine repeatedly as one like.

Effect: To overcome the concordant obstacle and improve the dynamic stability of the postures and sensitivity of proprioceptor and cultivate the spontaneous coordination.

Key points: The connection of main routines is natural, stable, slow and easy.

Announcements for improving the concordance

Enforcement should be avoided in the exercise of cultivating the concordance. The principles of the Health Qi Gong are to stress the concordance such as the integrity of mind and Qi, figure and mind, the nature and the human body etc. That is not to say to obtain the integrity of mind and body etc by way of exercise. The calm mind is the instinct of each man and the aim of the exercise is to help us to find it. But the extent of the integrity is different for different individual. Therefore the exercise of the concordance should be up to the physiological condition and one’s own ability of the practicer.

The exercise should be done with some aim step by step. The practicer should do some simple exercise at first and gradually do more difficult actions according to one’s own age, sex, constitution, kinetic trait etc. Appropriate methods and amount of exercise should be chosen to do to improve the concordance.

The concordance in the exercise of the Health Qi Gong Yi Jin Jing Chinese Health Qigong Association

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George Xu Secrets

George secrets Part 1 June 08

1. maximum unit force: including zong ding jin, six great muscles groups, shoulder inside the dantian, six directions dantian force plus yin yang dantian force, plus leg earth power and earth direction power (yin yang power).

2. maximum gravity, body weight not in yourself but on the other. While you move, your physical movement is unconscious. Spiritual and Energy are maximum acting, but physical has to be opposite as Yang and Yin.

3. maximum scientific force: counterweight, centripetal and centrifugal force, three dimension zhan su jin, action force, reaction force, potential force, indirect force, natural force, empty force, unconscious force and Shi force.

Then you have to put these qualities in “nobody knows me, I know you” situation plus light and heavy, soft and hard, fake and real at the same time. Use a scientific way, a 3 dimension spiral power plus borrow enemy action (shi) force to create your comfortable, maximum and superior shi to attack his empty and weakest points. Plus your mind spiritual is tiger hunting the human, the Olympic spirit competition to get the maximum.

There are five reasons for the success in fighting: first your strongest points to attack his main weaknesses; second, use your gravity against his effort; third, use your scientific against his non scientific; fourth, use your intelligence, fake and real at the same time, against his true reaction or absence of reaction; fifth, use your maximum mind energy against his physical.

George secrets Part 2 June 08

After you have achieved maximum liquid yin yang unit power, gravity (weight) on your enemy, and Shi (Space Power), you must add on body art which are Open/Close/Empty/Full/Up/Down/Spiral/Turn. Your arms and legs become one with your body. When people touch your arms they are touching your whole body. You must not use your legs to support your body and let your body carry your legs. Then you will feel “leg no leg” and “root no root”. Like you are walking on thin ice. “Fist no Fist”, “Leg no Leg”, physical light like feather, spiritual and internal energy, heavy like a mountain, your body full like a big balloon without edge, empty like steam no shape or effort. Natural like clean crystal, energy has to be pure, alive and changeable. The body must have brain and intelligence, not only he needs to know how to protect himself he needs to know how to attack enemy’s center. Only when the body knows how to fight, and control the legs and arms, then any leg and arm activities are created by body art and not with legs, arms self effort.

Body must not focus on the techniques. If focus on techniques then it will limit by techniques. Body must not focus on force (Jin). If focus on Jin then it will expose your structure and power directions. Body must not focus on Qi. If focus on Qi then it will stuck on Qi and lost Shi and freedom of the mind. You must have whole body harmony from physical energy to mind, from inside to outside, from movements to stillness. All of these are base on nobody knows me but I know you.

George secrets Part 3 July 08

The Undefeatable theory is based on 24 principles.

1. Wu Wei (no effort) defeat You Wei (have effort). No Fist defeat have Fist. No Root defeat have Root. No technique defeat technique.
2. Nobody knows me, I know enemy defeat Everybody know me, I don’t know my enemy.
3. Predator defeat Prey.
4. Unit force defeat partial force. Harmony defeat No Harmony.
5. Ying Yang balance defeat too much Ying or Yang.
6. Hard and Soft Harmony defeat too Hard and Soft Harmony.
7. No Root but every where is root defeat 3 feet root and floating root.
8. Shi has Nei Shi and Wai Shi. Have Shi defeat no Shi. Alive Shi defeat dead Shi. Big Shi defeat Small Shi. Understand Shi defeat don’t understand Shi. Borrow Shi defeat being borrowed Shi.
9. Body middle section move first, Internal and external Shi arrive before hand defeat body hand together, body move, hand not harmony or hand arrive first.
10. Whole body is fist. Whole body harmony to one. Touch my body any point is touching my whole body defeat whole body is not one.
11. Open/Close, Up/Down, Sparrow/Turn, Empty/Full, Four become one defeat only one or two factors.
12. Intelligence and scientific body art defeat ox power and unscientific body movements.
13. 3-D movement plus fast slow and empty full change (5 factor) defeat 1-D and 2-D movement.
14. Internal Shi no concave convex defeat have concave convex. Internal Shi defeat solid Nei Jing.
15. Chi defeat Jing. Empty agile defeat solid and firm.
16. Body volume attack defeat point attack. Physical inside energy field defeat physical outside energy field.
17. Yi before the fist, internal and external Shi before the fist defeat Yi after the fist, fist Jing before internal and external Shi.
18. Heaven defeat earth. Body mass in the sky defeat body weight on earth.
19. Maximum body art and spirit defeat no maximum body art and spirit.
20. Forget me defeat focus me.
21. Gravity at enemy’s body defeat gravity on myself.
22. Big group muscle do the work defeat small group muscle do the work.
23. Internal defeat external.
24. Lower body martial art defeat upper body martial art.


1. There are three shi: physical shi, internal shi or “qi” shi, space shi or “spiritual” shi. Harmony of the three shi (three become one) defeat one or two shi.
2. Every part of the whole body is a fist that defeats who uses only fist or leg
3. In any part of your body that has been touched, this part can defend and attack returning the opposite, how much comes, how much goes. Every part is intelligent and smart and defeats where there are no reaction and no brain.
4. Internal shi or “qi shi” is intelligent and alive like a wild ring rolling. There is no begin and no end like a rotating engine. It defeats broken Nei Shi not acting smoothly.
5. A fighting attitude characterized by suddenly fast suddenly slow, quiet like a river, with an action like an escaping rabbit, defeats the normal attitude that doesn’t change or changes mechanically.
6. No technique defeats who has technique. To see the emptiness creates the technique, like the tiger that chases the rabbit doesn’t have a chasing technique but all the techniques are melt inside the tiger. When the tiger attacks it “sees” the technique in that moment. This defeats the mind limited on technique, on jin, on qi, on yi, on to be focused on something.
7. No fear defeats who has fear. No worry defeats to be worried. No thinking but just do it defeats to think before doing. Self-consciousness defeats consciousness.
8. No shape, no trace defeats having shape. When hand comes out, enemy can not see the hand because it’s very fast. This defeats the hand that comes out. The “nobody can touch me, no feather can land, no fly can sting” attitude defeats who is very easy to touch or control.
9. The “copper skin”, the “iron bone”, the “iron T-shirt”, the “golden bronze bell or strong tire” absorbing strong impact, defeat the tofu body, the weak body that can not take a strong punch.
10. Fu-Gae: Fu means to spiritually cover, yang-yang; gae is yang-yin, the gravity shi or weight shi. Zhong Ding Shi can cover the enemy Zhong Ding, can follow the enemy Zhong Ding changes and, always and everywhere, cover enemy Zhong Ding but enemy can not cover me. This defeats who doesn’t understand fu-gae or can not do it.
11. Spiritual fist means that Spirit, Energy and Body harmonize to One. In the Spiritual fight, energy and body follow. Speed is spiritual speed, Power is spiritual power, Technique is mind technique; these defeat physical fist, jing fist or qi fist.
12. Clear theory and principles, complete techniques, reasonable usage, defeat unclear theory, too simple techniques and not reasonable usage.
13. The Eight Gates (up-down, left-right, front-back, internal-external) defeat one gate. Multidirectional power (like a high pressure cooker) defeats one direction power (like a spear).
14. a. If someone attacks me, he can not break my structure. It’s like a solid ball that can not be smashed.
b. To arrive first defeats who arrives later even if he moved first.
c. When I attack I crash the enemy’s defenses. This defeats the opponent that can be smashed or is too slow.
15. At spiritual level, more spiritual harmony to 1, everywhere have spiritual defeat 1 simple spiritual.
16. 8 Gates 5 Elements with 3-d spiral, 1 movement 3 techniques, defense attack harmony to 1. Attack, grab, wrestling, and kill defeat 1 way technique. 1 move kill enemy defeats 2 or 3 movements to win your enemy.

Reference: George Xu