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  • Breathing Methods and Practice Tips of Health Qigong

    by Gong Lihui 2012 Breathing practice is one of the important exercises in practicing Health Qigong. Only when the exerciser is aware of the importance of breathing, using the correct breathing posture with right methods to make the most of breathing, can he learn Health Qigong well and reach the goal of dispelling diseases and…

  • Nourishing Your Qi

    with Robert Peng

  • Koichi Tohei Unify Mind and Body

    The Four Basic Principles to Unify Mind and Body 1 Keep One Point 2 Relax Completely 3 Keep Weight Underside 4 Extend Ki Reference: Ki in Daily Life by Koichi Tohei ISBN 4889960716 p. 27 ff Links: Aikido Koichi Tohei sensei part 2 youtube.com Koichi Tohei at 9th Dan (Part 1/5) youtube.com Koichi Tohei at…