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  • The Twelve Methods of Yin Xian Fa

    The main purpose of Yin Xian Fa is to repair the body, regulate the mind, restore the original breath and ultimately reverse and replenish the slow expenditure of pre-natal through the aging process.  还原法 Huan Yuan Fa  Restoring Methods Huan Yuan literal translates as “Returning to the Origin.” These are methods to quiet and collect…

  • Pengzu Qigong

    Liu Dehua performs the esoteric, vibrating and sound humming Pengzu Qigong

  • The classical text sources of qigong

    WARRING STATES AND HAN DYNASTY (475 B.C. – 220 A.D.) The earliest exclusive texts that deal with the meditative practices and the gymnastic exercises are the recent archaeological text discoveries. Circulating Qi Inscription Xingqi ming 行氣銘 (475 B.C. – 206 B.C.), scholars consider this text to be from the earlier Warring States Period. This is…