Martial aspects of yiquan and its fighting application

Internal “Intention” for Health and Self-Defense By Fukui Yang as told to Bob Feldman A Short History of Yiquan and My Family’s Relationship to this Martial Art Yiquan is a relatively new Chinese martial art created by the great master Wang Xiangzhai. Master Wang was the last and favorite student of the Xingyiquan master Guo Read More

Tai Chi Principles

Professor Ji Jian-Cheng – Zhejiang University, China If you want to master Tai Chi Chuan, you first need to understand ‘Wuji’ (emptiness, formlessness). And, to really comprehend the inner meaning of Tai Chi, you also have to be aware of its philosophy and principles, and practice according to them. Then, after a long period of Read More

The Quintessence of Wu (Yuxiang) Style Taijiquan

by Master Liu Jishun Wu style Taijiquan has a set of strict requirements regarding its practice. From the external to the internal, each requirement is clearly stated. The first stage is the practice of external forms starting from the basics. This stage can be further classified into two phases. 1. The movement of the posture, Read More

Wang Xiangzhai – General Principles for Dachengquan

Directions in verse for Great Achievements Shadow Boxing Integrated with spirit and mind, This boxing is named Dacheng. With plain truth easy to understand, It is both interesting and enlightening. It has no method yet every method, for in boxing all methods are of no avail. With profound knowledge it helps to mould your temperament, Read More