The Important Points of Xing Yi Practice

The important points of Xing Yi practice are as follows. The first is setting down the waist; the second is dropping the shoulders; the third is hollowing the chest; the fourth is propping up; the fifth is lifting up; the sixth is making clear crossing and following; the seventh is distinguishing the components of rising, drilling, falling and overturning from one another.

Setting down the waist means lifting up the coccyx to raise the Qi of Yang; this belongs to the principle of the Du 1) channel. Dropping the shoulders means draw back strength with two shoulders. Hollowing the chest means to open the chest for circulating the Qi and allowing the Qi of Yin to go down; this belongs to the principle of Ren channel. Propping up means to prop up the head, the tongue, and the hands. Lifting up means to lift up the anus. Crossing means beginning; following means falling; rising means drilling; falling means turning over. Beginning is crossing and falling is following. Rising is the beginning of crossing and drilling is the end of crossing. Falling is the beginning of following and turning over is the end of following.

The head is drilling when it is propping up and it is turning over when it is contracting. The hand is drilling when it is beginning and it is turning over when it is falling. The foot is drilling when it is rising and turning over when it is falling. The crossing is concealed when beginning and crossing ; the following is concealed when falling and following. Rising is going and falling is biting; but really both rising and falling are biting. To bite in rising and falling is just like the turning of the waves. However, as the rising, drilling, falling, and over turning change to and fro, the elbow should always be close to the heart. All stated above are the important points of Xing Yi boxing. Understanding these important points means to find out the proper entrance of Xing Yi boxing.

1) The DU channel is one of the eight special channels. Its route is from the central point between the anus and the genitals through the central line of the back and across that of the head to the upper teeth.

Reference: Xing Yi Quan Xue The study of Form-Mind Boxing by Sun Lu Tang
ISBN: 0865681856

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