Union of the Triplex Equation

Let the void be your cauldron Let nature be your furnace for your primary ingredient, take stillness for your reagent, use quietude for mercury, take your vital essence for lead, use your daily energy for water use, restraint for fire, take meditation. Reference: A Complete Guide to Chi-gung by Daniel P. Reid p.81

Wondrous Scripture for Daily Internal Practice

Now, as for your daily practice, Keep your eating and drinking regulated; Restrain your speaking and meditate alone. Do not allow even a single thought to arise. The ten thousand affairs are all forgotten. Then preserve your spirit and stabilize your intent. The mouth and lips are mutually locked up; The teeth should be lightly Read More

Awakening to Reality Wuzhen pian

1 If you study immortality, you should study celestial immortality: only the Golden Elixir is the highest principle. 3 When the two things meet, emotions and nature join one another; where the five agents are whole, Dragon and Tiger coil. 5 Rely in the first place on wu and ji that act as go-betweens, then Read More

The Understanding of the Thirteen Postures

1. The Xin (mind/heart) motivates the qi, directs it to sink, so that it can be stored and concentrated into the bones. 2. Let the qi motivate the body without hindrance, so that it will effortlessly follow your xin (mind/heart). 3. If the shen (spirit) is raised, there will not be any sluggishness. This is Read More

The heart of Tao

The heart of Tao is the heart of peace. It is not disturbed by the mind. The heart is the mind which has no thought. The mind is the heart after it falls into contemplative activity and engages in busy thinking. Chen Tunan Reference: Strength from Movement: Mastering Chi by Hua-Ching Ni ISBN 0937064734 p. Read More

The Inner Entreprise

Section 1: The essential qi It is the essence of things that gives life to them. Below, it gives birth to the five grains; above, it is the ranks of stars. Flowing between heaven and earth: we call these ghosts and spirits. Stored within the breast: we call these sages. This qi is So bright! Read More

Guarding the One

Attainment of the Prime of the One Is not a gift from Heaven. Realization of Great Nonbeing Is the state of highest immortality. Light restrained, a hidden brilliance, The body one with nature: There is true peace, won but not pursued. Script kept forever at rest. In serenity and beauty: this is perfection! Body and Read More

The One Cavity of the Mysterious Gate

The valley spirit, undying Is called the mystical female The gateway of the mystical female Is called the root of Heaven and Earth It flows continuously, barely perceptible Utilize it, it is never exhausted Tao Te Ching VI (Laozi or Lao Tzu) The spirit of the valley – a powerful symbol of the female principle Read More

The Classic of Purity

The venerable Master said: The Supreme Tao is formless,yet it produces Heaven and Earth. The Supreme Tao has no desires, yet by Its power the Sun and the Moon revolve in their orbits. The supreme Tao is nameless,yet It ever supports all things. I do not know its namebut for title call it Tao The Read More

Three Immortals Cultivation of the Ling Bao Bi Fa

Ling Bao (灵宝) translates as “Spiritual Treasure.” The Ling Bao Bi Fa outlines the San Xian Gong, “Three Immortals Cultivation,” for completing the Ling Bao and thus becoming a Zhen Ren (真人) or Real Human Being. San Xian Gong consists of thee stages: Ren Xian Gong (人仙功) Human Immortal Cultivation, Di Xian Gong (地仙功) Earthly Read More