An Interview with Yang Fukui

By Yang Fukui, as told by Bob Feldman Note: This interview was done over the course of several sessions. I took the liberty of organizing the interview into a cohesive discussion of an “insider’s view” of Yang style Taijiquan. The essence of what Yang Fukui says in this interview is consistent with how he personally Read More

Tai Chi Chuan Tao

Poem of Zhang Xiumu Lai (Zhide)´s Tai-chi is the principle of Quan, A single line runs through Heaven, Man and Earth. Noumenon of Tai-chi is the innate Qi, Dividing yin and yang form postnatal body. Strategy to opponent attrack is magic number one (unitary Qi), Flowing Qi comes from the centre cavity. Training way is Read More

The Five Virtues of T’ai Chi Ch’uan

1. Your study should be broad, diversified. Do not limit yourself. This principle can be compared to your stance, which moves easily in many different directions. 2. Examine and question. Ask yourself how and why T’ai Chi works. This principle can be compared to your sensitivity, which is receptive to that comparison which others ignore. Read More

Songs of the eight postures

Attributed to T’an Meng-hsien (as researched by Lee N. Scheele) The Song of Peng What is the meaning of Peng energy? It is like the water supporting a moving boat. First sink the ch’i to the tan-t’ien, then hold the head as if suspended from above. The entire body is filled with springlike energy, opening and closing Read More

Li Yi Yu’s Five Character Formula

When the heart is not quiet, one may not concentrate. Lifting the hands, moving forward, backward, left, and right, will lack focused direction. Therefore, the heart must be quiet. From the moment one initiates motion, its not determined by the self. You must quiet the heart and understand with your body. Your movements follow those Read More