The Understanding of the Thirteen Postures

1. The Xin (mind/heart) motivates the qi, directs it to sink, so that it can be stored and concentrated into the bones. 2. Let the qi motivate the body without hindrance, so that it will effortlessly follow your xin (mind/heart). 3. If the shen (spirit) is raised, there will not be any sluggishness. This is Read More

Chen Style Silk Reeling of Liu Hong Cai

Liu Hong Cai Chen Style Silk Reeling: Basic Exercises and Demonstrations Master Liu describes two types of silk reeling, a wrapping type of energy ‘doing’ the movement and ‘using’ it to affect another. He stresses that you have to understand energy to apply silk reeling. Silk reeling is a gathering and closing of energy, or Read More

Pushhands with Adam Mizner

“Mindful awareness is the supreme tool in training, and is the essential energy of taiji. This energy is classically known in taiji circles as ting jing or listening energy. So what is it that we listen to? Through mindfulness we direct our awareness to the knowing or listening to form, feelings, mind and phenomena. First Read More

Gin Soon Chu’s Dynamic Push Hands

An Interview with Grandmaster Gin Soon Chu by Tai Chi & Alternative Health Magazine* TCAH: Master Chu, when did you first begin to study Tai Chi Chuan? GSC: I began to practice Yang style under Master Lai Hok Soon in 1956 with a very close friend, Mr. Chan Ping Tim. Before this time I had Read More

Chan Szu Chin Exercise of Master Feng Ziqiang

Chan Szu Chin Exercise of Master Feng Ziqiang by Sifu Justin Meehan Master Feng’s system of Chan Szu Chin exercises is derived from the Chen family style of Taiji, taught to him by Master Chen Fake in Beijing, China, and from his Xin Yi lio He Quan background with Master Hu Yao Zhen. Master Feng Read More

Wu-style taichichuan by Ma Jiangbao

People know taichi as one of the main branches of Wushu. It is one of the Daoist martial arts. But is taichi really what people think it is nowadays? Before 1912 taichi was passed on within unopened circles, (family circles), which at times absorbed things from the outside martial arts world, but what was accepted Read More

Silkreeling Training

A perspective on silk-reeling training by Zhang Xuexin, a student of Feng Zhiqiang, 18-generation. Chen style Taijiquan and founder of Chen Style Xinyi Hun Yuan Taijiquan. Feng Zhiqiang, a leading student of Chen Fake is one of the most famous exponents of Taijiquan in the world. He is also well-known for promoting a complete set Read More