Practise Qigong for one day

Practise Qigong for one day, One Will receive a day’s benefit. If one stops practicing Qigong for one day, It will be equivalent to losing one hundred days’ benefits. If one stops practicing for one hundred days, One get no benefit through all his life. Life Will become an empty dream.

Qi and Mind in Health Qigong

Shen Xiaodong, Shanghai Qigong Institute   Health Qigong•Ba Duan Jin is a simply, refined, smooth, graceful, and effective health-preserving exercise which contains deep health-preserving philosophy and is deeply welcomed by the common people. This paper provides a detailed analysis of “Qi” and “Mind” in Health Qigong•Ba Duan Jin exercise according to the practicing process of Health Read More

Qigong Imagination

Song Tianbin; Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Health-preserving imagination is one of the health-preserving methods of Health Qigong. This is because the mind concentration of Health Qigong not only involves quiescence but also involves rich imagination which is also know as “visualization”, “Deliberation”, or “Meditation”. In other words, different imaginations are used to regulate Read More

The heart of Tao

The heart of Tao is the heart of peace. It is not disturbed by the mind. The heart is the mind which has no thought. The mind is the heart after it falls into contemplative activity and engages in busy thinking. Chen Tunan Reference: Strength from Movement: Mastering Chi by Hua-Ching Ni ISBN 0937064734 p. Read More

The Inner Entreprise

Section 1: The essential qi It is the essence of things that gives life to them. Below, it gives birth to the five grains; above, it is the ranks of stars. Flowing between heaven and earth: we call these ghosts and spirits. Stored within the breast: we call these sages. This qi is So bright! Read More

Further indications concerning Zhan zhuang

1.Before starting post standing you should have already empty your bowels, avoiding from interrupting your post standing, 2.Before post standing you should loose your tie and belt, take off your watch, open shoelaces so that all limbs feel free to move. 3.For beginner in post standing and convalescent practitioner with weaker body, during your post Read More

Zhineng Qigong How to Feel Chi

r. Ming Pang – The founder of Zhineng Qigong showed his students how to feel chi through La Chi. La Chi is a method to gather chi (life energy) between the palms through pulling open and pushing close the hands. Chi collected can be used for healing. Reference: Literature: Life More Abundant: The Science Read More

Guarding the One

Attainment of the Prime of the One Is not a gift from Heaven. Realization of Great Nonbeing Is the state of highest immortality. Light restrained, a hidden brilliance, The body one with nature: There is true peace, won but not pursued. Script kept forever at rest. In serenity and beauty: this is perfection! Body and Read More