Experience of Improving Exercise Effectiveness

By Lei Zunting How is the effectiveness of exercise? I think it mainly embodies on three aspects. Firstly, how the effectiveness of health condition and disease prevention and cure is, which is closely related to the exercisers’ fitness condition(body regulation).Secondly, whether it can draw breath into the lungs, which is closely related to the exercisers’ Read More

How to Regulate Mind Effectively in Exercising Health Qigong

by Zhang Jun Mind regulation is a critical point of Health Qigong distinguishable from other body movements and exercises. However, in practice, the so-called “exercise” mostly emphasized on how to meet the specifications of body movements and the mental and meditation regulations were forgotten, which undoubtedly may affect the interests and effectiveness of Health Qigong Read More

Interpretation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory on Yi Jin Jing

By Zhang Wenchun, Bao Xiaolei Health Qigong is the cultural treasure of Chinese nation, which was rooted in traditional Chinese culture and born out of the then cultural background. Viewing from historical origin, Health Qigong was based on the ancients’ cognition and mastering on human life and the regulation, control and exercise of human life Read More

Three Episodes of the Exhalation and Vocalization of Liu Zi Jue

Zhang Caiqin; Inner Mongolia Normal University Liu Zi Jue is a Qigong fitness exercise with respiration and Tuna as the major methods which are assisted by simple Daoyin movements. It is focused on combination of the thought with slow and smooth movements and soft, even, and long exhalation and vocalization. “The thought is contained in Read More

Liu Zi Jue in Regulating Emotions

Liu Zi Jue is a traditional fitness exercise with respiration and Tuna as the major approach. It is mostly characterized in that the mutual promoting, restraining, subjugating, and reverse-restricting effects of the Five Elements are used to enhance the functions of tissues inside the human body. Respiration and limb Daoyin are used to fully trigger Read More

Medical Qigong Bibliography

Here is a short list of 10 good medical qigong books: “Chinese Qigong Outgoing-Qi Therapy” by Pengjun Zhong “Chinese Qigong Therapy” by Zhang Mingwu “Chinese Qigong” by Zhang Enqin “Medical Qigong Exercise Prescriptions” by Suzanne B, L.Ac., Dmq (China) Friedman “Practical Chinese Qigong for Home Health Care” by Ce Jin “Qigong Essentials for Health Promotion“ Read More

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Invigorating the Kidney and Adjusting the Qi

Take a sitting posture. Close the eyes slightly. Rid the mind of all distractions. Relax the whole body. Breath naturally. Keep this position for 15 minutes. Then open the eyes. Put the right foot on the left knee (a reverse for females). Tap the arch of right foot with the palm of the left hand, Read More

Trilogy of Health Qigong Exercise

In daily exercise, it’s easy to be found that a Health Qigong lover was still difficult tograsp the essentials of exercise even though he spent a lot of time in practicing and themain cause was due to his improper practice. I’ve often wondered how we can help theseimproper practicing lovers to grasp a kind of Read More

How to Successfully Lower Qi to Dantian

Lowering Qi to Dantian can dredge the channels of the entire body, harmonize blood and Qi, prolong life, eliminate worries and fatigue, calm the bad emotions like anger, fear, and worry, open the mind, and boost wisdom. As far as I am concerted, lowering Qi to Dantian means: the exerciser has made a certain progress Read More

Exploring Analysis on Sinking Qi to Cinnabar Field

No matter you are a Health Qigong beginner or an experienced exerciser for years, you might not feel unfamiliar the term “Sinking Qi to Cinnabar Field(qì chén dān tián)”, because nearly every stance emphases that “Sinking Qi to Cinnabar Field” is essential for exercising Health Qigong. However, few of exercisers can clearly explain how it Read More

Union of the Triplex Equation

Let the void be your cauldron Let nature be your furnace for your primary ingredient, take stillness for your reagent, use quietude for mercury, take your vital essence for lead, use your daily energy for water use, restraint for fire, take meditation. Reference: A Complete Guide to Chi-gung by Daniel P. Reid p.81

Wondrous Scripture for Daily Internal Practice

Now, as for your daily practice, Keep your eating and drinking regulated; Restrain your speaking and meditate alone. Do not allow even a single thought to arise. The ten thousand affairs are all forgotten. Then preserve your spirit and stabilize your intent. The mouth and lips are mutually locked up; The teeth should be lightly Read More