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  • Healing with Nature and Music

    Reference: Relaxation Music 1 – Chinese Bamboo Flute ft Piano youtube.com

  • Chinese Health Qigong Associations Ba Duan Jin

    Reference: Chinese Health Qigong Association jsqg.sport.org.cn Books: Ba Duan Jin: Eight-section Qigong Exercises Foreign Language Press ISBN 9787119047812

  • Soaring Crane

    Soaring Crane Qigong forms 1-5 Soaring Crane Qi Gong, also referred to as China Soaring Crane Qi Gong, or Crane Style Qi Gong, was developed in more recent years by qi gong master Zhao Jing Xiang, drawing upon information from other qi gong masters, ancient Taoist practices, and the movements of the crane, known for…

  • Squatting for healing

    Simple Slow Squatting Movement. Many chronic patients have regained thier health to a quite substantial extent. One set of motions (1 minute) consists of the follwoing 4 steps: a)Squat slowly down takes 15 seconds. Throughout the motion: Breath naturally while all muscles & tendons of face, fingers, palms, hands, arms, neck, shoulders, chest, ribs, abdoment,…

  • The Beginning of the Universe

    This exercise helps bring your focus back into your body and wake up your internal energy. When doing this exercise while sitting, try to sit up and keep the spine straight. When doing this exercise while lying down, lie on your back and keep your spine as straight as possible. When doing this exercise while…