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  • Yuan Xiu Gang: Learning Zhan Zhuang

  • Wondrous Scripture for Daily Internal Practice

    Now, as for your daily practice, Keep your eating and drinking regulated; Restrain your speaking and meditate alone. Do not allow even a single thought to arise. The ten thousand affairs are all forgotten. Then preserve your spirit and stabilize your intent. The mouth and lips are mutually locked up; The teeth should be lightly…

  • Masakane Inoue Ki Breathing Method

    Allow one’s exhalation to flow out naturally and one’s inhalation to enter the body freely. Exhale so as to reach the far ends of the Universe and inhale so as to concentrate our breath infinitesimally to a point in the lower abdomen. Reference: Ki in Daily Life by Koichi Tohei ISBN 4889960716 p.68

  • Soaring Crane

    Soaring Crane Qigong forms 1-5 Soaring Crane Qi Gong, also referred to as China Soaring Crane Qi Gong, or Crane Style Qi Gong, was developed in more recent years by qi gong master Zhao Jing Xiang, drawing upon information from other qi gong masters, ancient Taoist practices, and the movements of the crane, known for…

  • Small Universe

    The purpose of this meditation exercise is to clear energy blockages along the front and back channels; to physically clear the roots of sickness; and to open the energy centers along these channels. I highly recommend this exercise. If you have time to do only one Spring Forest Qigong technique, do the Small Universe. It…