Sam Tam – 2006 Copenhagen Summer Workshop

Master Sam TamMaster Sam Tam comes to Copenhagen from the 2. to 4. of June 2006 to give a workshop at Ole Eskildens Ichuan Standing Meditation School.

Master Sam Tam travels around the US and Canada giving workshops in pushhands in Ichuan and Taiji. Ichuan people would properly know Sam Tam by name from Jan Diepersloot’s book “The Tao of Yiquan”. Master Sam Tam is a senior student of eagle claw grandmaster Lau Fat Mang and studied Ichuan with Master Han Hsing Yuen in Hong Kong.

Internal Martial Arts Association for Health and Enlightenment

Ichuan Standing Meditation School

Ole Eskildsen
Vanløse Kulturhus
Frode Jakobsens Pl. 4, 1. 2720 Vanløse

( Next to Vanløse Station by Metro or S-Train )

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The workshop starts friday 2. June 2006 at 5 p.m.

Price: app. € 300

Participation: Work Shop is full.



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4 responses to “Sam Tam – 2006 Copenhagen Summer Workshop”

  1. thomas Avatar

    I want to thank Master Sam Tam and his team from Arizona US for a wonderful time in Copenhagen.

  2. Chris @ Martial Development Avatar

    How about posting some of your notes from the workshop, for the benefit of those unable to attend?

  3. thomas Avatar


    I have actually posted a single note from Sam Tam’s seminar on the main topic of Standing Pole Exercises or Zhan Zhuang, see


  4. hatesam Avatar

    Sam Tam is a skill teacher, don’t wast your time with him and he teaching nothing. Please fine someone willing to teach you.

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