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  • Adam Mizner 2022

  • Huai Hsiang Wang

  • How real is Tai Chi?

    Xu Xiaodong (MMA) vs Wei Lei (Tai Chi)

  • Fang Ning On Tai Chi Chuan Kung-Fu

    It is common among martial artists to discuss their skills. The same is true of Tai Chi Chuan practitioners. We have seen a competition match where an older man defeated a younger man; we heard from our teachers and read from books how the Yang Family members’ kung-fu was so good that they defeated hard…

  • Taijiquan – The Art of Receiving

    By Wee Kee Jin Taijiquan is no different from any other exercise or martial art if it is practiced without understanding the principles and without putting the principles into the movements. Regardless of the various different Taiji styles or Taiji forms, they are all based on the same set of Taiji classical texts. They are:…

  • Wang Peisheng on Taiji Pushinghands Exercises

    What is Taiji pushing‐hands? What should one pay attention to when learning and practising pushing‐hands? The solo form sequence practice and duet form pushing-hands exercise are the two component parts of the art of Taijiquan. Doing sequence practice enables one to learn the substance of Taiiiquan, while doing pushing-hand exercise trains one to apply the…

  • Wang Peisheng creative interpretation of some Taiji principles

    Master Wang’s Creative Interpretation and Application of Some Taijiquan Principles in Self-defence Master Wang makes it a point of emphasis and has set an example to his students of how one should use one’s mind and learn from experience of success and failure after having studied carefully the theories set in the Taijiquan classics, listened…

  • Song of the Real Meaning

    真義歌 No shape, no shadow. Entire body transparent and empty. Forget your surroundings and be natural. Like a stone chime suspended from West Mountain. Tigers roaring, monkeys screeching. Clear fountain, peaceful water. Turbulent river, stormy ocean. With your whole being, develop your life. 無形無象。全身透空。 忘物自然。西山懸磬。 虎吼猿鳴。泉清水靜。 翻江鬧海。盡性立命。 When practicing taijiquan you must let go of…

  • The True Teachings of Yang Jianhou’s Secret Yang Style Taijiquan

    Historical background of Yang style Taijiquan as passed down by late Wang Yongquan For more than half a century people in China and other countries have learnt about and to a certain degree understood Taijiquan, while health aspects of Yang style Taijiquan attracted special attention all over the world. However very few people know that…

  • Yang Banhou Explaining Taiji Principles

    太極法說 EXPLAINING TAIJI PRINCIPLES 楊班侯 attributed to Yang Banhou [circa 1875] [translation by Paul Brennan, Sep, 2013] 目錄 CONTENTS 八門五步 [1] The Eight Gates & Five Steps 八門五步用功法 [2] On the Training Method for the Eight Gates & Five Steps 固有分明法 [3] Our Innate Ability to Distinguish 粘黏連隨 [4] Stick, Adhere, Connect, and Follow 頂匾丢抗…

  • Forms of Push Hand

  • Investigating the Method of Tai Chi Boxings Push Hand

    Step One: The Push Hands System of Awareness Energy From the preceding account of the skillful practice of the set, you have arrived at the level of Push hands. Awareness energy is acquired through the practice of Push hands. Two people must practice this together, and this practice is very important. If your Push hands…

  • This is Kung Fu

  • Song Kong Yuan Man

    Byron Zhang shows Tai Chi’s Song Kong Yuan Man (Relax, empty, full & rounded).

  • Wudang Taiji – Six Basic Skills of Taiji

    武当太极基本功 Reference: daoistkungfu