Classic Leg & Arm Meridian Massage

Legs Upward
1. Place the palms of your hands on the inside of your legs at the ankles.
2. Slowly bring your palms up your legs, through the inside of your knees, up your thighs and into your genitals.

Legs Downward
1. Place the palms of your hands on the outside of your thighs.
2. In a continuos motion, rub your hands down your legs along the outside of your knees and calves until you come to the ankles.

Arm Massage
1. Place your left hand on the inside of your right shoulder.
2. In a continuos motion, rub your palm down through the inside your elbow to the tips of your fingers.
3. Bring your left palm over your fingers and continue up the back of your hand, through the outside of your elbow and onto your shoulder.

The same is procedure is repeated with the left arm.

Repeat movements for a total of 12 times.

At all times keep pressure on your hands so that a slight warmth may be felt as you do the massage. Breathe normally throughout the exercises.

Reference: The complete system of Chinese Self-Healing by Dr. Stephen T. Chang The Aquarian Press 1989
ISBN: 0850307716

Link: The Great Tao

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