The origin of Daoyin

Take a deep breath and sink it to dantien. Hold the breath there for a while and then exhale it like the sprouting off grass until the it goes to the top of your head. In this way, the yang vital energy go up and the yin down. Those whose yang or yin energy goes its own way will live, otherwise they will die.

(Inscription from a Warring State Period cultural relic)

Datan Qigong
by Yang Meijun, Heifeng Publishing Co. fifth edition 2000
ISBN: 9622381847


  1. Notable and often quoted…similarly…it would be somewhat more academic to display the original Chinese characters and bonefide that the inscription was indeed from the Warring State Period. There is also an error inherent is presuming that taoyin is [or was] equal in method and objectives as the current, collective topic of qi gong [chi kung]. All of the research I have seen on either topic support the claim that qi gong is of recent nomenclature and collects a body of knowledge not extending as far back and being equivalent to ‘tao yin’.

  2. The Ministry of Culture permits only four forms of Qigong. Tao Yin predates these. See MaWangDui DaoYinTu poster for a version from 168 B.C. or before. Is it not worth practicing?

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