Ox Leading Posture


1) Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and turn feet 45 de- grees to the left (right) with heels as an axis. Keep torso upright but turn it to extreme left, with knees slightly bent and drawn together, toes sticking to the ground.
2) Raise and naturally stretch arms to front of chest, elbows dropping slightly and pointing to the ground, with left palm facing downward and right palm upward.
3) Raise arms to backward left right) as torso
turns left Look at left (right).
ward. (Fig. 3)

This is a basic Zhuangong for the employment of capture skills, in which the hands are ready to catch, elbows ready to pull down, steps ready to close in and waist ready to turn, an ideal Zhuanggong for the practitioner to advance and retreat, assault and defend. Capture skills should be based on this fundamental posture. Practice in both directions.

1) Press closely together your elbows and knees and stick your feet firmly to the ground.

Simplified Caputre Skills by Wang Xinde, Hai Feng Publishing Company 1983-84 p. 25
ISBN 9622380131






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