The Golden Flower

By Master Lu Tzu 1. Heavenly Consciousness of the Heart Master Lu Tzu said: That which exists through itself is called Meaning. (Tao). Meaning has neither name nor force. It is the one essence, the one primordial spirit. Essence and life cannot be seen. It is contained in the Light of Heaven. The light of Read More

The Important Points of Xing Yi Practice

The important points of Xing Yi practice are as follows. The first is setting down the waist; the second is dropping the shoulders; the third is hollowing the chest; the fourth is propping up; the fifth is lifting up; the sixth is making clear crossing and following; the seventh is distinguishing the components of rising, Read More

The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic

A Translation of The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic by Stuart Alve Olson The Supreme Medicine has three distinctions: Ching [Essence], Qi [Vitality], and Shen [Spirit], Which are elusive and obscure. Keep to non-being, yet hold on to being And perfection is yours in an instant. When distant winds blend together, In one hundred days Read More

If you want to take you must first give

將欲歙之,必固張之。 將欲弱之,必固強之。 將欲廢之,必固興之。 將欲取之,必固與之。 是謂微明。 柔弱勝剛強。 魚不可脫於淵, 國之利器 不可以示人。 That which shrinks Must first expand. That which fails Must first be strong. That which is cast down Must first be raised. Before receiving There must be giving. This is called perception of the nature of things. Soft and weak overcome hard and strong. Fish cannot Read More

Chen Wei-Ming on Calm

The mind should be calm. If it is not, one cannot concentrate, and when the arm is raised, (whether) forward or backward or back, left or right, it is completely without certain direction. Therefore it is necessary to maintain a calm mind. In beginning to move, you cannot control (it) by your self. The entire Read More

Can you be as a newborn babe?

載營魄, 抱一,能無離乎, 專氣致柔, 能嬰兒。 滌除玄覽, 能無疵。 愛民治國, 能無為。 天門開闔, 能為雌。 明白四達, 能無知。 生之、畜之。 生而不有, 為而不恃, 長而不宰, 是謂玄德。 Carrying body and soul and embracing the one, Can you avoid separation? Attending fully and becoming supple, Can you be as a newborn babe? Washing and cleansing the primal vision, Can you be without stain? Loving all men Read More