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Walking the Circle

The body is like the movements of a swimming dragon, a wild goose ascending the emptiness, a tiger crashing, a turtle diving, or a snake slithering, turning the circle at will in connected and united postures, angled or crossing, advancing or retreating while talking and laughing.

Dong Haichuan (The founder of Bagua on walking the Circle)

Reference: The Cheng School, Gao Style Baguazhang Manual: Gao Yisheng’s Bagua Twisting-Body Connected Palm

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This is Kung Fu

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A Female Story of Daoist Cultivation

Lindsey Wei

A young woman, Lindsey Wei, graduates from high school in America and sets out to find her roots in China, questing for who she is and where her life path belongs. She discovers in herself a skill for martial arts and seeks the hidden knowledge of meditation. After three years of study in various martial styles and unveiling false teachers, she is finally led to the ancient Wudang Mountains. Here she meets a Daoist recluse, Li Shi Fu, who has renounced the world of the ‘red dust’ and long since retired into an isolated temple to cast oracles and read the stars. The coming together of these two extraordinary characters, master and disciple, begins a spiritual relationship taking the young adept on an unforgettable journey through the light and dark sides of modern China and deep into herself. Battling between earthly desires and heavenly knowledge, she makes the transformation into a dynamic and complete woman.

A coming-of-age, personal account, the book describes the lived experiences of a profoundly sincere, bitter yet ultimately liberating female quest. It is written for anyone who ponders the true meaning of Chinese wisdom and the way of the Dao in the hope of discovering a deeper strength within themselves.

Reference: The Valley Spirit: A Female Story of Daoist Cultivation by Lindsey Wei

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94 Years Old BaGua Wisdom


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BaGuaZhang Lesson

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Huang Zhicheng Baguazhang

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Interview with Liu Xinghan (1909-2000)

Liu Xinghan, 4th generation Cheng Style Bagua.


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Wudang Gong Fu

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Liu Hungchieh (1905-1986)

The Chinese concept of Bagua

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Tie Lao Invinsible 95 years young Bagua Master

Tie Lao
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