The Five elements in martial arts

The Five Elements Theory has a strong connection to Chinese martial arts, where it serves as a framework for understanding and categorizing techniques, strategies, and principles. Each element is associated with specific qualities, movements, and energies that can be applied to martial arts practice. Here’s a brief overview of how the Five Elements relate to Read More

Walking the Circle

The body is like the movements of a swimming dragon, a wild goose ascending the emptiness, a tiger crashing, a turtle diving, or a snake slithering, turning the circle at will in connected and united postures, angled or crossing, advancing or retreating while talking and laughing. Dong Haichuan (The founder of Bagua on walking the Read More

Wudang Gong Fu

More links: Wudang Wushu 武当山 武術 (part 1) Wudang Wushu 武当山 武術 (part 2) Wudang Wushu 武当山 武術 (part 3) Wudang Wushu 武当山 武術 (part 4) Wudang Wushu 武当山 武術 (part 5) Wudang Gong Fu 武当 功夫 (part 1) Wudang Gong Fu 武当 功夫 (part 2) Wudang Gong Read More