The Moving of Yin & Yang

This exercise is very good for healing your internal organs. Through the guidance of your mind and the movement of your hands, the heart energy and the kidney energy join during this exercise opening many blockages in the body. Again, you may do this exercise standing, sitting, or lying down. Use the same body positions Read More

The Beginning of the Universe

This exercise helps bring your focus back into your body and wake up your internal energy. When doing this exercise while sitting, try to sit up and keep the spine straight. When doing this exercise while lying down, lie on your back and keep your spine as straight as possible. When doing this exercise while Read More

Sheng Zhen Healing Qigong – Li Jun Feng

Li Jun Feng embodies the spirit of Sheng Zhen, Unconditional Love. As the leading teacher of the International Sheng Zhen Society, he is the moving force behind bringing Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong practices to the world. Master Li perhaps is best known as having been the headcoach of the world-renowned Beijing Wushu (Martial Arts) Read More

Yiquan Rumen

Author: Master Yao ChengRong Translator: J. P. Lau Translator’s Note: In English, “Yi” means mind or intent, “Quan” means fist or martial art, “Ru” means enter or cross and “Men” means door or threshold. The literal meaning of the phrase “Yiquan Rumen” is “the learning of the rudiments of Yiquan”. A lot of Yiquan enthusiasts Read More

Every hair is fully alert

‘In the fully energized state, “every hair is fully alert.” The state of relaxed arousal is what is meant by the chinese term “sung.” This is not the drowsy torpor before sleep. It is the release of tension that saps our strength – so that we become alert, clearheaded and full of vigor. Your head Read More

Meditative Mind

The tricks for reaching a deep meditative mind are: do not resist, do not concentrate, do not persist, and most importantly of all, dot not be disturbed emotionally. In meditation, the more you restrict your mind from wandering, the more it will try to escape your control. It is like trying to force your self Read More

Kuan Yin Standing Qigong

Master Li Jun Feng shows parts of his Kuan Yin Qigong. Reference: Literature: Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong: QI Gong of Unconditional Love a Return to Oneness by Li Jun Feng ISBN 9780914955771 Links: Guan Yin

Qigong Master John Chang

Links: Qigong Master John Chang (orginal) John Changs 1st Westerner student Books: The Magus of Java: Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal by Kosta Danaos ISBN 0892818131 Nei Kung: Secret Teachings of a Taoist by Kosta Danaos ISBN 0892819073

Seven Star Pile Standing

NOTE: The following article is based on teachings at a recent Push-hands Seminar conducted by Zhang Yun in Philadelphia. It was edited by Dr. Susan Darley, a student of Zhang Yun for the past five years. Pile Standing Zhan Zhuang – Pile standing is the most common training method in traditional Chinese martial arts. Almost Read More