The Mighty Warrior Exercise

(Ichuan, Dachengquan, Yiquan, exercise, qiqong, chikung, breathing, energy)

The Mighty Warrior Exercise Stand with the feet about double shoulder-width apart and toes pointing ahead. Bend the knees while lowering the body to stand in a horse-riding posture. Raise the arms sideways to form each an angle of about 60 degrees with the torso, the palms facing the ground and fingers apart. Keep the torso upright, lower abdomen loosened, chest held in, and the eyes looking into to the far distance with restrained concentration. Stand still for some time.

Move the arms upwards to shoulder height, and straighten the legs. Press downwards with the palms while bending the knees back into the horse-riding position. Repeat the procedure. The arm movements resemble those of an eagle’s wings, hence the exercise is also known as the Spread Eagle exercise. Repeat for no more than 360 times at a time.

Regular practice of this exercise will cause the vital energy to penetrate every part of the body and finally form a unique strength. Once this is required, with some simple instructions, one will be able perform wonders assisted by the control of breathing, such as cleaving a rock with one palm, hitting a stone tablet with the head, breaking an iron chain with deep breathing, letting a car running over the body. What he will be able to achieve the will be diametrically different from that put on by those sham kung fu masters under the name of controlled breathing.

by Wang Xuanjie
Hai Feng Publishing Co. May 1988
ISBN: 9622381111

Page: 78



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5 responses to “The Mighty Warrior Exercise”

  1. Dan Prager Avatar

    Two or three weeks ago I started working on this exercise, starting with 30 repetitions, and slowly increasing the number.

    In addition to its own merits, I have found it a useful tool in improving my horse-stance: After the final repetition I “recover” by sitting for an equivalent number of breaths to repetitions in horse stance.

    I am interested in corresponding with anyone who is practicing or has additional information about this exercise.

  2. Leung Jan Avatar

    We have a set within set one of our qigong iron cross white crane. The first set of our qi gong builds plenty of qi. Our training is mind intent based.

  3. thomas Avatar

    Qingshan Liu explains this exercise “Fly Like an Eagle” in more detail in his book Chinese Fitness – A mind/body approach ISBN 188696937X p.70

  4. Slayer Avatar

    A very good post.

  5. John E Avatar

    Hey worthy Information. It is much effective Later you Think about it. Increasingly useful. Aloha.

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