Guolin Qigong

The Guo Lin Story

Ms. Guo Lin was a teacher of traditional Chinese painting and was diagnosed with uterine cancer at age 43 and had her uterus removed in 1949 while she was in Shanghai, China. In 1960, the cancer was found to have spread to her bladder, so her doctors removed half her bladder. However, this did not help, her cancer remained and spread and after four other operations, the doctors gave up and in 1964, told her she had only six months to live.

She did not give up hope, but she did not know what to do. As she was cleaning up her home, she found ancient Qigong texts left to her by her late grandfather (a Taoist priest) and began to practice these forms. She found them to be very effective. After six months, she found that her cancer had gone into remission.

In 1970 she started teaching other cancer patients in the parks of Beijing. Her style was called New Qigong Therapy and soon, word was spreading that many of her students were benefiting from this “new” qigong. By 1977 she had gained national prominence and was teaching about 400 students daily in Beijing. She worked tirelessly until her death in 1984 at age 78 (of a cerebral hemorrhage), after having survived cancer for over 34 years and after helping thousands recover from the pain and suffering of various ailments. She had travelled throughout China to lecture, teach and demonstrate.

Now her Qigong style is named in her honor, and it has spread to many countries around the world.

There was a TV special on health called “The Healing Heart”. Near the end of the special was a segment on Guo Lin Qigong. It was about the Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club. These people, instead of being passive in their fight with cancer, were out everyday walking, moving, and breathing in a very special way.

All over Shanghai there were people getting together every morning, hundreds of people in dozens of places, to practice these Qigong forms to help fight their cancer. These groups were run solely by cancer survivors who had used this Qigong. At the time the show was taped, in Shanghai alone, there were almost 3,000 people in these cancer recovery clubs, and besides the Qigong classes they also scheduled group trips, met for yearly anniversaries of members survival, and generally supported each other in their fight.

Now, over a million Chinese with a variety of chronic diseases have learned Guo Lin Qigong, and the various groups claim to have an amazing amount of success (over 80%). One must take these types of claims with a grain of salt, since many of the people may not have been medically diagnosed. However, many hospitals that treat cancer in China will recommend Gou Lin Qigong as part of the treatment.

Guo Lin Qigong was credited as an agent in many cases of cancer remission by the Chinese government. These successes inspired the creation of a cancer survivors club in Beijing, then spreading to many other cities. Today, Guo Lin Qigong clubs can be found all over China. There have been studies done, in China, that seem to prove or provide evidence as to this Qigong’s effectiveness.

Guo Lin Qigong has become a social and medical phenomenon in China. No longer passive, the patients are very active in their own recovery which is strikingly different than what usually happens here.

This Qigong form can be used as an addition to any cancer recovery program. It should not be used to replace any cancer therapy prescribed by your physician. We offer no explicit nor implicit opinion or claim on the effectiveness of practicing Guo Lin Qigong for those with cancer or any other ailment. It is our wish to provide information on Quo Lin Qigong so that those interested can learn this style.

Reference: The Complete Guo Lin Qigong Form

by Coach Xu
The new Guo Lin Qi-Gong (GLQG) is a type of self control Qi-Gong therapy consisting of a combination of both slow movements and peaceful meditation. It was initially developed by the late Qi-Gongist, Mrs. Guo Lin who was born China in 1909 and died in late 1984. She was a famous painter noted for her mountain and river scenes of China. When she was six years old, she followed her grandfather to practice child Gong and play Hua-Tuo’s animal analogue demonstration. During her many travels, she visited many famous Qi Gongist throughout China.
In 1949, she contracted cancer of the uterus. Even in spite of her numerous operations, the cancer could not be controlled. In her search for a cure, she turned to the old, traditional Chinese treatment of Qi-Gong. She studied various medical books and continuously applied Qi-Gong therapy to cancer healing. After ten years of research, she developed a new system of Qi-Gong. Her therapy integrates movement with meditation. Her approach proved to be effective and easy to learn. Since 1972, patients have been using her treatment throughout China. More than ten thousand cancer patients have practiced her new GLQG treatment to fight their cancer. A lot of her cancer patients got healed and did not have any cancer recurrence. In studying the successful cases, it was revealed that GLQG is an acceptable method to add to the treatments integrating TCM with WM. (TCM–Traditional Chinese Medicine, WM–Western medicine)

The Shanghai Rehabilitation Club for cancer patients was established in 1989. in 1993, a survey was conducted of its 1,054 club members having cancer. The survey results revealed that 64 percent of the members having cancer had recovered. It was concluded that of those cured of cancer, 85 % were persistent in exercising GLQG. Some of the benefits from properly practicing GLQG therapy were improved sleep, appetite, improved immune functions that contributed to preventing replaces and metastasis, improved quality of life, and prolonged survival.

Today, there even a few teachers of GLQG outside of China , in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong and Macao. As a result, there are adherents of GLQG in these areas. Due to the favorable reputation of Qi-Gong teachers in the China, our teachers were invited to teach at the Qi-Gong Association of Japan twice, Once in 1992 and again in 1993.

The special features of GLQG are that it:
1.– improves physical conditioning which in turn prevents and cures diseases
2.– emphasizes self-training discipline so as to not require external motivation by others;
3.– differentiate Qi-Gong modes, program, and, duration which is, based on the different kinds of diseases including the cause, nature and’location the cancer as well as the physical condition of patients;
4.— is easy to learn and has no proven side effects. However self-training; should be advanced step-by-step and the patient’s willpower must be developed so that they can exert all of their strength.

There are several modes to apply the new GLQG program of treatment, such as:
* Walking with wind respiration:
— natural walking
— quick walking
— stable walking
— 1, 2, 3, point walking
* Waving arms slowly up and down and opened and closed
* Massaging of the Yong Quin acupoint and head
* Hand and Feet rods
* Making special vocal sounds
* Walking slowly for patients with chronic diseases.


More Videos of Guo Lin:
Demofilm Guo Lin Qi Gong intro A
Demofilm Guo Lin Qi Gong intro B
Demofilm Guo Lin Qi Gong intro C
Demofilm Guo Lin Qi Gong intro D

Book reference:
Traditional Chinese Fitness Exercises: Including Taijiquan and Qigong
p. 109-111.



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  1. Betty Lou Foster Avatar
    Betty Lou Foster

    Is there a book that can be purchased about Guolin Qigong?


    Betty Lou Foster
    Columbia, SC

  2. vincent chan Avatar
    vincent chan

    where can i purchase the cd for guoling qigong.??
    Vincent Chan

  3. KK Leong Avatar
    KK Leong

    Is there a group practice in Singapore? Their contact number?

  4. Jeff Avatar

    If you go to and the Guo Lin page there, you can send an e-mail and I will e-mail you a pdf document with the complete Guo Lin systems, no cost.

  5. SL Quek Avatar
    SL Quek

    My sister is diagnosed with cancer in the rectum. I would like to know whether is there a group that practise in Singapore and their contact number.

  6. YewLiang Avatar

    I knew there was a group practising at Botanical Garden every Sat around 8am many years back. Not sure if they are still around.

    If you can find them there, do reply here to let us know. Thanks.

  7. YewLiang Avatar

    I think it’s Sun instead of Sat that I’ve stated in the previous post.

  8. SL Quek Avatar
    SL Quek

    Thanks YewLiang.
    I found the group practising at the following locations:

    (1) Small park at Block 108 Jalan Bukit Merah: Mondays to Saturdays.
    (2) Botanical Garden, next to Swan Lake : Sunday

    Time: 7am to 10am

  9. dr.k.conor Avatar

    The Guo Lin Qi-Gong has more principles within it than some people believe. It can be shown to parallel other walking ‘gong’ exercises and could also be used as a platform for stable walking as is the mo-ca-bu of Yiquan. My own knowledge of this comes from having studied with Madam Guo’s daughter and later assisted her in the biography of her mother. Both events were an education

  10. Agnes Wong Avatar
    Agnes Wong

    My friend is diagnosis with cancer. I hope Guolin Qigng can help her. Is there any groups or any teachers teaching Guo Lin Qigong in Toronto? What is the contact?

  11. SL Quek Avatar
    SL Quek

    You may contact Mdm Sun Yun Cai, a well known guolin qigong teacher who now resides in Toronto. She has a set of dvds in which she teaches guolin qigong. Her contact numbers are:

    email address:
    phone: 001-905-889-1511.

  12. Tasha Avatar

    I would like to find madam Guo.s daughter . goes she teach this form of qigong?
    Thank you very much

  13. dr.k.conor Avatar

    Dear Tasha,
    Mdm Guo’s daughter, Lin-chi, does not teach and is unlikely to. Her mother being among the Heros of China for her contributations; accepting the ‘award’ was at difference to the daughter’s being anti-communist. Lin-chi does understand it, but for her it is family history. Besides the lessons, I recieved a personal video from her mothers archive. Thus Lin-chi wants the privacy. My own interest relates to water-spirit-washing or HuaYo-related ‘qi-gong’. The walking mo-ca-bu of I-chuan is similar.

  14. Tasha Avatar

    Dear dr.
    Thank you very very much for your answer!
    Who does teach qi gong that you are taking about in China?
    Do you know anybody who does teach Guolin qi gong there also?
    I am in Thailand now.
    Searching for a place to study in China
    may it be a peaceful year for and for all

  15. Tasha Avatar

    Sorry dr Conor
    May little computer misspell everything

  16. Jeff Avatar

    If you go to and the Guo Lin page there, you can send an e-mail and I will e-mail you a pdf document with the complete Guo Lin system, no cost.

  17. dr.k.conor Avatar

    Dear Tasha, if you must go to China, ensure, the teacher really knowns the subject; there are many chinese teachers claiming to know and thus their students come from a poor lineage. An authentic video goes a step beyond a text document; these also can be marketing for more. The lucky ‘chok dee’ side, for you situation, I am in Bangkok, but rarely teach due to the complications, time, and students. The Guo-lin system derives from some older qigong and some specific TCM benefits for carcinoma.
    Either or

  18. Jeff Avatar

    Hi Dr Conor,
    The web site you list actually references a very old version of my web site that no longer exits. In most modern Qigong systems, I see pieces of several older systems: Hoa To’s 5 Animals, Baduanjin (8 Section Brocade), and most of all, White Crane Qigong. The new Dayan Qigong is mostly White Crane. I am still researching Hua To’s Five Animals for my book. It is a lot more extensive than most current descriptions. It also appears for be related to Bagua Zhang, since there is a significant amount of circular walking in the Five Animal forms. Tiger is almost all circle walking. Part of my problem is that some of the videos I was given are so old they break when I try to play them, and I have to take apart the case and splice the tape. They appear to be tapes of even older film.

    In China, most public teachers of Qigong are in it for the money. Actually, this is true in the US too.

  19. Al Avatar

    Hi, does anyone have the contact number of the group practising at botanic gardens in Singapore? As I understand there are several groups there? Thanks

  20. Derrick Avatar

    Hi Jeff,
    I would like to know more of the new Dayan Qigong that you mentioned(mostly White Crane) As far as I know, DYQG is from Kunlun GM Yang Mei Jun and quote ” where the techniques and theroetical features are concerned, this qigong is the orthodox Dan Gong of the Taoist School created by Laotze ” unqoute.. My observation is most qigong imitating Birds are somehow similiar. Martial art form including. But if you have info on the ”new Dayan” please share with me if it is alright with you. FYI, I am a practitioner of DYQG.
    I also practice Hua Tua 5 Animal Folic Spontaneous Qigong as well. – Singapore

  21. Derrick Avatar

    Hi Al,
    I do not have the contact nbrs of the groups but there are at least 2 groups there that I came across last year. Both the teachers have the same Sir name. If I remember right it is Wong.
    Anyway, suggest you get down to Botanical garden to search them out (Sundays morning 8.00 -9.00 am ). Just walk around and ask those doing the GuoLin walk. Hope this help.

  22. dr.k.conor Avatar

    The legacy of all Chinese origin and American learned/adapted [now] called qi-gong is that they come from a diversified string of histories and places. Honor is infused when one can say it is from thus+thus mountain-place and so+so-person. Lao-zi is at best a compendium book, not one person. Kun-Lun Shan is not a mountain, but an extensive mountain chain. White Crane is not one school, but many. Mme. Guo Lin’s exercise is a composite, adaptation of many. Saying this, current practitioners would do well to understand the relationship between the limbs and the physiology: open-close, up-down, heating-cooling. Good health can be obtained just by doing the simple; as for martial use, you would need to know an extensive skills-set and understand most MA’s are counter productive to dao-yin or qi-gong.

  23. Seeking Avatar

    Hello. I am looking for a “live-in” qigong treatment program for a couple of weeks. I have just been diagnosed with a non-operable growth in my brain. It is not cancerous, but it is causing problems. I do not want to take medication for the symptoms and would like to have my life back. I have bad headaches, fatigue, memory problems, cognitive difficulties, sleep problems, depression, and pain. I believe in Qigong and that a skilled healer can help me. I will travel anywhere. Thank you for any recommendations. I can be contacted at ecrive at earthlink dot net.

  24. Tasha Avatar

    For seeking:
    This winter I went to Penang,Malasia to be train in zinneng qi gong.the master who created this form Ming Pang is in a house arrest in China,he can’t teach anymore.But his students do. It is a very strong healing form. I suggest to look into it. One of the centers is in China on a mountain.this summer they are going to have three weeks recovery program. I believe in what they do.
    Good luck in your journey! You will find many good things on your way to recovery.
    May I suggest to look also in good macrobiotic program.
    If you serious you will find what you are looking for.
    Good luck in your journey!

  25. Derrick Avatar

    Hi Tasha,
    Are you from WMQ/Malaysia ?

  26. Tasha Avatar

    Derrick, I answer you already but I don’t know where did it go…I am not good with computers…
    I don’t know what is this wmq.
    I just went in last March to study Zinneng qi gong in Penang center
    And was very impressed.
    I want to thank Jeff and Dr Conner for all their support and good advices that they gave me when I looked for school to go to learn.

  27. Derrick Avatar

    Hi Tasha,
    Wmq is a center in KUL for qigong. Knew someone by the same name, thought you were her.

  28. Manoj Avatar

    Hello. can anyone tell me whether the book written by guo lin available in india ?please let me know.thank you

  29. Jeff Avatar

    Manoj, and anyone else:
    Go to and send me an e-mail according to the instructions. I will send you the forms in PDF format. No charge. I also include the Nine Dragon Qigong form too.


  30. LC Lai Avatar
    LC Lai

    I would like to know where can i learn quoli qigong at Melaka and the contact number.

  31. nafisa Avatar

    hi , my sister were diagnose multiple sclerosis (neuro diseases) i would like to know whether this techniques help . please email me ( the person should i contact , and cds to purchase or books . tq .

  32. Jeff Avatar

    Jamie, if you can detect it, you already have it; thus it is not preventable.

  33. Ting Ting Avatar
    Ting Ting

    I am diagnosed with breast cancer
    I would like to know where can i learn guolin qigong in Melaka,Malaysia.Appreciate if anyone have any contact for me.thanks

  34. SL Quek Avatar
    SL Quek

    You can find guolin qigong contacts in Malaysia in the following link:

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  37. Qigong Guolin Avatar

    Guolin Medical Qigong (GMQG) for wellbeing, the books 健身抗癌郭林气功 & 抗癌养生郭林气功 available from or,

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