Invigorating the Kidney and Adjusting the Qi

Take a sitting posture. Close the eyes slightly. Rid the mind of all distractions. Relax the whole body. Breath naturally. Keep this position for 15 minutes.

Then open the eyes. Put the right foot on the left knee (a reverse for females). Tap the arch of right foot with the palm of the left hand, with the Laogong acupoint tapping the Yongquan acupoint. While tapping concentrate your mind and have the idea “tap hard”, but tap with an even and proper force, not with a stif hand. After that do the same thing to the other foot.

Tapping: 100 for each foot on the first day; 200 the next day; 300 from the the third day on. Adjust the times according to your need, but never above 900 times.

Points of attention. Do not beat hard. To keep the idea “Beat it hard”, but to do it with an even force is the principle.

To end the exercise, calm down for 15 minutes. The ending form is the same as the starting form.

Having done the exercise, the practioner, if he suffers from low blood-presure and insufficient blood sugar, he or she must put his left or her left hand palm on the head with the Laogong acupoint facing Baihui acupoint.

For health protection, once a day before going to bed in the evening; for clinical treatment, three to five times a day.

Reference with further explanations, application and function: Treasured Qigong of Tradtional Medical School by Huang Runtian p. 4 – 9



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