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  • Body Awareness in Qi Gong Practice

  • Master Sam Tam demonstrating form

    In this videoclip master Sam Tam is giving out some basic instructions to the first section of his Taijiform. Where a lot of variations of the Yang style emphazises a quite “heavy bottom” ei. base, strong and powerfull legs with emphasis on the ground,  Sam Tam main focus is light, even and connected. On a basic…

  • Wang Peisheng creative interpretation of some Taiji principles

    Master Wang’s Creative Interpretation and Application of Some Taijiquan Principles in Self-defence Master Wang makes it a point of emphasis and has set an example to his students of how one should use one’s mind and learn from experience of success and failure after having studied carefully the theories set in the Taijiquan classics, listened…

  • Yang Banhou Explaining Taiji Principles

    太極法說 EXPLAINING TAIJI PRINCIPLES 楊班侯 attributed to Yang Banhou [circa 1875] [translation by Paul Brennan, Sep, 2013] 目錄 CONTENTS 八門五步 [1] The Eight Gates & Five Steps 八門五步用功法 [2] On the Training Method for the Eight Gates & Five Steps 固有分明法 [3] Our Innate Ability to Distinguish 粘黏連隨 [4] Stick, Adhere, Connect, and Follow 頂匾丢抗…

  • How to avoid impact and controll contact using movement and awareness

    Systema Israel

  • An Analysis on Integration of the Three Regulations of Qigong

    By Liu Feng and liu Tianjun At present, widespread Health Qigong•Yi Jin Jing, Wu Qin Xi, Liu Zi Jue and Ba Duan Jin etc. are based on dynamic exercise of body regulation. Body regulation refers to the regulation of postures and movements and is one of three elements of Health Qigong. However, it is not…

  • Trilogy of Health Qigong Exercise

    In daily exercise, it’s easy to be found that a Health Qigong lover was still difficult tograsp the essentials of exercise even though he spent a lot of time in practicing and themain cause was due to his improper practice. I’ve often wondered how we can help theseimproper practicing lovers to grasp a kind of…

  • Inside Zhan Zhuang

    The first Insides on Zhan Zhuang from Mark S. Cohen can be found here: Reference: Inside Zhan Zhuang: First Edition by Mark Cohen (This book was published in 2013)

  • Sole contraction Relaxation activity in Yiquan

    In Zhan zhuang nothing but your sole movement, Upward, downward, leftward, rightward, forward and backward movement. Rapidly, slowly and perduring movement. Running, jumping, trampling, rubbing, contraction relaxation movement. Expanding, pronating, sliding, filing and peeling off bone movement, Hand and foot are combining in stretching tendons movement, Pulling powerfully as body unified movement, Amazing springs, hooking…

  • Linking Activity in Yiquan

    Local parts of body request: Sole stepping onto the ground, heel slightly lifted, sole like a spring, avoid ankle from shaking otherwise body will quiver. Both knees expanding, buttock tight and leg twisted, anus and belly (retracted as in) inspiration, hip twisting and crotch wrapping. Back and waist keep vertical, chest slightly withdrawn, shoulder expanding…

  • Chen Zhonghua Withdraw is to issue

    Chen Zhonghua talks about the principle of “withdraw is to issue” ( Shou Ji Shi Fang ) in his Chen Style Taiji. Links: Practicalmethod

  • Mysteries of Tai Chi Chuan

    Michael Phillips presents on the mysteries of Tai Chi Chuan

  • Huang Xingxiang Five Loosening Exercises

    Master Huang Xingxian (Huang sheng Shuan) performing the 5 Loosening Exercises. Book reference: Relax, Deep Mind Taiji Basics Patrick Kelly ISBN 047600425x p.37 – 45 Links: Huang Sheng Shyan

  • Silkreeling Training

    A perspective on silk-reeling training by Zhang Xuexin, a student of Feng Zhiqiang, 18-generation. Chen style Taijiquan and founder of Chen Style Xinyi Hun Yuan Taijiquan. Feng Zhiqiang, a leading student of Chen Fake is one of the most famous exponents of Taijiquan in the world. He is also well-known for promoting a complete set…

  • Yiquan’s Mocabu friction stepwork

    Asume the basic standing posture, but with the arms out to the sides at about navel height an sligthly forward crouch a little as if sitting down slightly and keep the back erect. When one is relaxed and the attention collected, shift one’s weight completely onto the right foot and strain on the hip. Move…