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  • Yuan Xiu Gang: Learning Zhan Zhuang

  • Body Awareness in Qi Gong Practice

  • This is Kung Fu

  • Practise Qigong for one day

    Practise Qigong for one day, One Will receive a day’s benefit. If one stops practicing Qigong for one day, It will be equivalent to losing one hundred days’ benefits. If one stops practicing for one hundred days, One get no benefit through all his life. Life Will become an empty dream.

  • Three Immortals Cultivation of the Ling Bao Bi Fa

    Ling Bao (灵宝) translates as “Spiritual Treasure.” The Ling Bao Bi Fa outlines the San Xian Gong, “Three Immortals Cultivation,” for completing the Ling Bao and thus becoming a Zhen Ren (真人) or Real Human Being. San Xian Gong consists of thee stages: Ren Xian Gong (人仙功) Human Immortal Cultivation, Di Xian Gong (地仙功) Earthly…

  • The Twelve Methods of Yin Xian Fa

    The main purpose of Yin Xian Fa is to repair the body, regulate the mind, restore the original breath and ultimately reverse and replenish the slow expenditure of pre-natal through the aging process.  还原法 Huan Yuan Fa  Restoring Methods Huan Yuan literal translates as “Returning to the Origin.” These are methods to quiet and collect…

  • Yang Style Tai Chi Ball

    By Yang Fukui, as told to Bob Feldman The Taiji ball or “qiu” is an integral part of intermediate and advanced training in Yang Taijiquan. While there was some interest in the ball among Taiji practitioners in the 1920’x and 1930’s, interest subsequently diminished and few people, even in China today, are familiar with its…

  • Soaring Crane

    Soaring Crane Qigong forms 1-5 Soaring Crane Qi Gong, also referred to as China Soaring Crane Qi Gong, or Crane Style Qi Gong, was developed in more recent years by qi gong master Zhao Jing Xiang, drawing upon information from other qi gong masters, ancient Taoist practices, and the movements of the crane, known for…

  • Mysteries of Chi

  • The Inner Smile

    One of the most well-known of Taoist neidan (Inner Alchemy) practices is the “Inner Smile” – in which we smile inwardly to each of the major organs of our body, activating within us the energy of loving-kindness, and waking up the Five-Element associational network. Here we will learn a variation on this classic practice, which…

  • Gathering and Dispersing Qigong

    Stand straight with feet apart, about shoulders’ width. Find a perfectly balanced posture. Breathe in slowly, gathering the qi in the general Dan Tian, an area three inches below the navel. On the exhale, send the qi to the Gate of Life, which is a point on the spine across from the navel, and from…

  • The fundamental principles of Hunyuan Qigong

    The origins of Hunyuan Qigong go back many thousands of years to an era when those who were wise were very closely connected with Nature and themselves. At that time, one was considered healthy when one lived in unity with the cosmos, and ill when one subdued one’s own emotions. Animals were not enemies, but…

  • ZhiNeng QiGong

    INTRODUCTION There are probably a few thousand styles of qigong in China. Among these, Zhineng Qigong stands out as one of the most effective in improving a person’s health and nourishing his body with vital universal energy. Translated literally, Zhineng Qigong means “Cultivating Intelligent Energy”. Zhineng Qigong was created by Pang Ming , a gifted…

  • Qian Zhao Hong – Qi Gong

    Links: Master Qian’s site masterqian.multiply.com Qian Zhao Hong neigong.net

  • Pengzu Qigong

    Liu Dehua performs the esoteric, vibrating and sound humming Pengzu Qigong