Master Ma Yuehliang and Madame Wu

An Interview with the two prominent proponents of Wu Style Taiji Master Ma Yue Liang and Madame Wu.

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  1. Jawshoowa Avatar

    The translation at the beginning of the video is extremely loose! I can’t blame the translator as he doesn’t have the benefit of being able to rewind, and the Master’s accent and dialect is not entirely standard.

    Let me try to provide something more literal:

    What is Taiji?

    “Taiji is a Chinese way of conforming to the Dao. When the heavens are empty, that is called “wuji” (no extreme). Once the world appears, that is called taiji.”

    When they ask for clarification he responds, “When there was no heaven and earth, that is wuji. Once you have heaven and earth, that is taiji.”

    Interviewers dispute a little more, then the Master continues:

    “Taiji Boxing is a kind of martial art. Before you practice, that is the same as no heaven and earth. But once you move your hands, and begin practice… standing, without moving is wuji. Once you move, that is taiji. So we call it Taiji Boxing. All of the movements in Taiji Boxing are circular.”

    Pause for translation by man off camera.

    What have been the benefits of practicing Taiji for your physical and mental health?

    From this question on the translation is very accurate.

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