Fang Ning Push Hands

Fang Ning Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Professor Fang Ning, 83 years old, speaks fluent English and Japanese, graduated from an Amercian Mission School, St. John University in Shanghai, China, in 1947 with degrees in Political Science and Economic. He has been practicing and researching qigong for more than 50 years. He is the 5th generation successor to Wudan Yang-Style Tai-Chi Chuen. Prof. Fang’s name carved on the tombstone of Wuden Yang-Style Tai-Chi Chuan, 4th generation successor, Grand Master Cui Yishi’s Grave. Prof. Fang is also the direct disciple of Grand Master Chen Yen Ning, a famous orthodox Taoist and the first president of the Taoist Society of China in 1958. Since then, Professor Fang has been studying, researching and collecting information on various qigong techniques available.



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3 responses to “Fang Ning Push Hands”

  1. Paul Peszko Avatar

    How can I get in touch with Professor Fang? Does he have an email address or website?

  2. David Avatar

    I am Mr. Fang’s student. If you guys are interested in contacting him. Send me an email.

  3. andrzej Avatar

    would love to experience this master pushing hands ,any pushing hands masters in hong kong?

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