The secrets of Heaven and Hell

The old monk sat by the side of the road. With his eyes closed, his legs crossed and his hands folded in his lap, he sat. In deep meditation, he sat. Suddenly his zazen was interrupted by the harsh and demanding voice of a samurai warrior. “Old man! Teach me about heaven and hell!” At Read More

Zhuangzi dreamed he was a butterfly

Once Chuang Chou dreamt he was a butterfly, a butterfly flitting and fluttering around, happy with himself and doing as he pleased. He didn’t know he was Chuang Chou. Suddenly he woke up and there he was, solid and unmistakable Chuang Chou. But he didn’t know if he was Chuang Chou who had dreamt he Read More

The Celestial Mind

How can you find purity in the mind? It is just a matter of seeking out purity in the midst of impurity. Then when you discover signs of impurity in the midst of purity, you know you have found purity. The true mind has no form: what has form is ultimately illusory. Reference: The Secret Read More

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Ki Breathing

by Koichi Tohei Sensei Replenish Ki when sleeping Sleeping is important to replenish Ki. Human beings consume Ki constantly while awake. Everyone sees things, listens, smells, tastes and touches things by using their five senses. All those actions are actions of Ki. Therefore, we need to replenish Ki which we have consumed. Sleeping and Ki Read More

The original face

Hui Neng asked Hui Ming, “Without thinking of good or evil, show me your original face before your mother and father were born”

What is Zen?

Roshi Kapleau agreed to educate a group of psychoanalysts about Zen. After being introduced to the group by the director of the analytic institute, the Roshi quietly sat down upon a cushion placed on the floor. A student entered, prostrated before the master, and then seated himself on another cushion a few feet away, facing Read More

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Once there was a well known philosopher and scholar who devoted himself to the study of Zen for many years. On the day that he finally attained enlightenment, he took all of his books out into the yard, and burned them all.

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Leaves fall

where no green earth remains: a person at his ease, wears a plain, white robe. With simplicity and plainness his original nature still, what need to practice “calming of the heart.” – Chia-Tao (779-843) The Clouds Should Know Me By Now, 1998, p. 26 Translated by Mike O’Connor

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Sitting Still Doing Nothing

Let the Void be your cauldron; let Nature be your furnace; for your primary ingredient, take stillness; for your reagent; use quietude; for mercury, take your vital essence; for lead, use your vital energy; for water, use restraint; for fire, take meditation. [Union of the Triple Equation] Triple Equation of essence, energy and spirit unites Read More

The Golden Flower

By Master Lu Tzu 1. Heavenly Consciousness of the Heart Master Lu Tzu said: That which exists through itself is called Meaning. (Tao). Meaning has neither name nor force. It is the one essence, the one primordial spirit. Essence and life cannot be seen. It is contained in the Light of Heaven. The light of Read More

Daily Energy Cultivation

8 Paths – by Master Chao Pi Chen: Basic body energy is based in the perineum between the legs, rising during refinement to the abdomen (Lower Dantien). This energy circulates in a network of 8 special channels. Follow the paths with the Mind visualising a stream of golden light, while listening to the resulting body Read More

A Life of Infinity

A world of vastness and emptiness: the deep mountain. There lives a life of infinity. You live with no company. You have no worldly communication. You enjoy the set of movements. This is your cultivation. This is your achievement. This is your merit. The movement makes your form unite with your shadow and your mind Read More

I have arrived

I have arrived I am home in the here in the now I am solid I am free in the ultimate I dwell Reference: The Long Road Turns to Joy – A Guide To Walking Meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh ISBN: 093807783X Page 1