Making Three Dantians Linear

taoist1.jpgThis type of qigong has been passed on by a Taoist priest by the name of Wang Zhenyi. While practising this type of qigong you should concentrate your attention on making the upper, middle and lower dantians linear. When you have made your three dantians linear, you will attain a very special and comfortable feeling and will almost forget everything. Your small and large circulations will automatically be open to qi. This type of qigong can help you recover quickly from fatigue. No mater how tired you are, you can completely recover after practising this qigong for fifteen minutes. You can do this type of qigong while standing, sitting, lying down, or when practising taijiquan or riding a bicycle. This qigong does not require any preparation or special procedure before stopping.

1. Soon after concentrating your mind in your upper dantian, shift your attention to the lower dantian (huiyin acupoint).

2. After getting the feeling of qi in the lower dantian, shift your mind to the middle dantian and arrange it in line with the upper and lower dantians in order to make the three dantians linear. Then imagine the three dantians as three spheres. You should carefully put the sphere of the middle dantian between the two spheres of upper and lower dantians. The middle sphere will slide out if you do it carelessly.

3. When the three dantians have been made linear, you will get a very special feeling and comfortable feeling. You should hold this feeling as long as possible. It can help you return to the “original state”, to cure diseases and promote your health. You should maintain this feeling and eliminate any distractions.

Relax and calming qigong by Wang Peisheng & Chen Guanhua
ISBN 9622381812




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3 responses to “Making Three Dantians Linear”

  1. Ou Avatar

    Your site is one of the most accurate and well written I’ve ever seen.


    I don’t say that lightly either. I spent a year in China as a part of my university degree, doing my paper on the influence ‘communism’ had and continue to have on chinese martial arts.

    Please don’t stop writing and compiling!

    As a point of interest, may I suggest looking up the name of Tsui Seung Tin (unfortunately, there can be more than one spelling). Even though, most don’t consider his style internal, he might be of interest to you. However, he is quite low key and not easy to find but I guarantee he is certainly worth your while!

  2. thomas Avatar

    Thank you Ou.. 🙂 Here is a couple of videolinks to Tsui Seung Ting:

  3. Frank Avatar

    I just started this meditation through a CD by Ken Cohen. I am finding my middle dantian heavily to my right side. The first time, when I moved my middle dantian inline with my upper and lower dantians, I had a strong emotional release. Any words of wisdom or advice?


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