Patting Methods

Patting is a simple massage therapy for keeping fit and is helpful for strengthening the tendons and bones, developing muscle tissue, lubricating the joints, improving blood circulation, reinforcing functions of internal viscera and metabolism.

Patting is performed by oneself with hands or fists. After patting, the body feels light, clear, comfortable and quickened. This method is more flexible, active, practical and effective than passive massage. Patting with a racket made of steel wire or a sand bag is also effective.

patting_fig_249-2541. Patting the Head

A walking or standing posture may be assumed. Stand still and relax the whole body. Drop shoulders and elbows; smile. Stand still while patting. For a walking posture, walk slowly and pat while walking. Pat left side of upper part of head with left palm, right side with right palm, from front to back of head, for fifty rounds. Then pat the right and left sides for another fifty rounds. Count silently, the mind calm, breathing naturally.

Persistent practise can prevent and threat dizziness, headache, insufficient blood supply, etc.

2. Patting Upper Extremities

Starting position same as before. Pat four sides of left arm from above downward, patting each side twenty-five rounds (divided into five times, each five rounds). Pat right arm for a total of one or two hundred rounds.

Prevents or relieves poor muscle growth of upper extremity, cyanosis of the end of limbs, numbness of upper extremity, hemilplegia, etc.

3. Patting Both Shoulders

Starting position same as before. First, pat left shoulder with right palm, then pat right shoulder with left palm. Pat alternatively for fifty to one hundred rounds.

Prevents and cures inflammation of perishoulder tissues, frozen shoulder, under development of muscles, atelectasis, etc.

patting_fig_255-2594. Patting Back

Starting position same as before. Pat left side of back with right fist, right side of back with left fist, each one to two hundred times.

Prevents and cures backache, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema, atelectasis, underdevelopment of muscles, coronary heart disease , arteriosclerotic heart disease, arteriosclerosis, etc.

5. Patting Chest

Alternatively pat chest with opposite fist or palm. Pat downward, the upward. Do one to two hundred rounds each side.

Prevents and cures coronary ateriosclerotic heart disease, hypertensive heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, pulmonary emphysema, cor pulmonale, underdevelopment of muscles, etc.

6. Patting Waist and Abdomen

Pat with palms or fists. Move upper extremities by rotating torso on waist axis and pat left abdomen with right hand, right side of small back with left hand; then switch side. Pat upper, middle and lower side of small of back. Do one to two hundred times each side.

Prevents and cures soreness of waist, lumbago, hyperplasia of bones, dyspepsia, abdominal distention, constipation, etc.

patting_fig_260-2637. Patting Buttocks

Pat left buttock with left palm or fist and right buttock with right hand or fist. Do fifty to a hundred times.

Prevents and cures sciatica, atrophy of hip muscles, hypoplasia, numbness, etc.

8. Patting Legs

Stand erect. Raise left leg so thigh and lower leg form right angle. Rest heel of left foot on support (such as a tree branch or fence) Slap leg from thigh towards foot on all four sides. Do five to ten times on each side, each time containing one to two hundred rounds, five beats for each round. Do the same to the opposite side.

Prevents and cures maldevelopment of leg muscles, hemiplegia, paraplegia, cyanosis of leg, numbness and myasthenia of leg, difficulty of lifting feet when walking.

Remarks: When patting, go from light to heavy and do it consistently.

Keep Fit the Chinese Way: Traditional Chinese Therapeutic Exercises and Techniques
Compiled by Hu Bin and Translated by Cai Jingfeng
ISBN 9787119009087

p. 156 – 161



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